Make Theatre Playable workshops announced!

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We’re ridiculously excited to be announcing our autumn season of Make Theatre Playable workshops – a series of online, Pay What You Decide sessions exploring the fun, creativity and joy of making playable and interactive theatre.

Our season kicks off on 13th September with our artistic director Tom Mansfield’s ‘brilliant and inspiring’ workshop, How to Make Playable Theatre. This is a great introduction to key ideas in game design and how we use them to make shows.

On 27 September, theatre- and game-maker Chloe Mashiter leads Twine for Theatremakers, a workshop introducing you to the storytelling software Twine. We use this both to power our playable shows, and to make online content. Previous attenders have been ‘inspired and enabled’ by this workshop – and we think you will be too!

On 11 October, writer Eve Leigh leads Changing the Rules. This new workshop will offer practical exercises for thinking about rules (spoken and unspoken) in gameplay and ask: when is change possible? What changes us? We love Eve’s work and we’re really excited about this workshop!

On 25 October, Tom Ryalls leads Making Multi-Linear Narratives, exploring the dramaturgy of choose-your-own-adventure. How do you create a satisfying narrative when you can’t control where the narrative goes? Join Tom for this new workshop exploring this and more.

In November, we’re offering two more chances to catch up on our most popular workshops: Twine for Theatremakers on 8 November, and How to Make Playable Theatre on 22 November.

On 29 November, Chloe Mashiter is back with Role-Playing Games in Theatre, exploring how you can use tools, structures and mechanics from RPGs to make performance. We’ve run this workshop before with students at Birkbeck, University of London and it was both fun and inspiring – we can’t wait!

And in our final workshop of this season on 13 December, Tom Mansfield invites you into the Playable Theatre Hackspace. In this practical workshop, we’ll be taking some well-known game ideas and smashing them up, to explore how to create and test ideas for new playable shows.

We’re really excited about each of these workshops and we hope you can come along and play with us! Each workshop takes place from 2.30pm-4.30pm on a Monday afternoon, and they’re all Pay What You Decide.

You can see the full schedule here.














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