Current Shows

The Learning Lottery

Step into the black lace-ups of UK teenagers and attempt one simple goal: do well at school. How hard can it be?

Nominated for an Offie Award for Immersive Theatre.

A white woman with dark hair, wearing a red jumpsuit, is smiling and making a V for Victory sign with her left hand.

Red Planet: Revolution

It’s 2222 and the people of Mars have finally declared independence from Earth. You have been chosen to help lead your people to the future…

Nominated for a VAULT Festival Innovation Award.

Past Shows

DARE Festival 5

For 2021’s DARE Festival, in the middle of the Covid pandemic, we created a virtual venue to present six playable shows inspired by the theme “We Demand a Better Future”.

The Chorus

Would you be on the right side of history? Created with the people of Birmingham, The Chorus is an audio drama about protest, power and community.

Beneath the City

Shey’s brother William died in prison, and no-one will tell her how or why. Aided by the Furies, she takes on the system that caused his death. But is it justice, or revenge?

A figure wearing a skeleton mask stands behind a woman who is speaking who stands with her hand on her heart

DARE Festival 4

In 2019 DARE Festival, our three-day extravaganza of inventive, unexpected, challenging and ground-breaking new work, returned to Shoreditch Town Hall’s Ditch.

Four performers surrounded by papers and boxes.

Last Night I Met You Dreaming

A young journalist searches for her missing brother against the background of a dangerous mining operation, in this magic realist adventure.

DARE Festival 3

2018’s DARE Festival explored the theme of ‘POWER’ through performances, installations and conversations between artists and audiences.

A white man in a yellow skintight cycling suit moves towards the camera, his body held as if he's riding a racing bike.


Simon is about to become a dad, and has no idea to deal with it. Looking for direction, he turns to his childhood hero: the cycling champion and drug cheat, Marco Pantani.

A white man in a white shirt, one arm stretched out in front of him, the other reaching to the sky.

DARE Festival 2

2017 saw our second annual DARE Festival at Shoreditch Town Hall, bringing people together for an explosion of new and in-development performance.

A young woman's face is lifted up to the sky. In the background we see two men.

Phone Home

Phone Home was a transnational project inspired by true stories from refugees, performed simultaneously on stages in London, Munich and Athens.

DARE Festival 1

Our first DARE Festival in 2016 brought together new work and conversations from artists and companies including Write to Life and Bards Without Borders.

A white man in a suit reaches for a glass of whisky. His expression is tense.

The Situation Room

It’s 1962 and the Cold War is reaching boiling point. As revolution erupts in a small Middle Eastern nation, you must ensure peace – no matter what the cost.