Making Multi-Linear Narratives

A picture of Tom Ryalls with the title of the workshop: Making Multilinear Narratives

October 25


02:30 pm - 04:30 pm

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Upstart Theatre

A workshop for theatre makers exploring the dramaturgy of choose-your-own adventure.

Tom Ryalls’ new show “Education, Education, Karaoke” is a narrative piece of theatre but it’s also choose-your-own-adventure with choices being made by the audience and the guest performer. How do you create a satisfying narrative when you can’t control where the narrative goes? In this workshop we’ll explore the building blocks of multi-linear narrative including:

  • Techniques for planning non-linear narratives on a macro level and how to keep track of non-linear narrative
  • How to create the feeling of an act structure without having having a singular linear narrative
  • How to create cause and effect between scenes when you don’t know what comes next
  • The basic requirements any individual scene for an audience to understand what’s happening

Facilitator Tom Ryalls is a writer, organiser and fundraiser. They focus mainly on using their work to change who gets to imagine the future and have a company called BAP! which they use to produce these projects. Their most recent show “Can You See Into a Black Hole?” ran outdoors in Covent Garden as a week of relaxed performances and they are the Head of Development for the NPO Stockroom. They’re creating a piece of playable theatre called “Education, Education, Karaoke” which will run at Camden People’s Theatre in November. You can find out more about their work here:

This workshop will draw on Tom’s show “Education, Education, Karaoke”, but you don’t have to see the show to take part in the workshop.


We’re committed to paying our facilitators a fair rate for planning and delivering these workshops. We’re equally committed to offering our online workshops on a Pay What You Decide basis, to make sure anyone who wants to can take part. We limit capacity for all our workshops, so that everyone in each workshop has the chance to interact with the person leading it. This means that, to make our workshop programme sustainable, we can only offer refunds up to seven days prior to the event.

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