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December 13


02:30 pm - 04:30 pm

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Upstart Theatre

A practical workshop for theatremakers exploring how to create and playtest playable theatre
Are you a theatre maker who wants to find new and innovative ways to engage your audience? Are you intrigued by games and how they connect with theatre?
In the course of this two hour online workshop, you’ll collaborate with other artists to rapidly create and test a new piece of playable theatre from scratch.
It’s a practical and fun way to explore essential devising techniques for playable theatre, including:
  • Using mechanics from existing games to create exciting interactions with our audience
  • Exploring the relationship between story, theme and game design
  • Rapid prototyping, playtesting and redrafting

Upstart Theatre’s brand of playable theatre brings together approaches from the world of gaming and the world of theatre to create experiences that put audiences in the leading role. Join our Artistic Director, Tom Mansfield, and a group of up to 20 like-minded artists, for this fun and thought-provoking workshop.

“Being part of DARE Festival is the best artistic development experience we’ve ever had… It is indeed the ultimate playground in an emerging artist’s dream.” ShumGhostJohn, creators of “Cart Noodle Show” at Upstart Theatre’s DARE Festival 2021

“Immersive theatre at its very best…stirring, involving and highly original” WhatsOnStage on Upstart Theatre’s The Situation Room


We’re committed to paying our facilitators a fair rate for planning and delivering these workshops. We’re equally committed to offering our online workshops on a Pay What You Decide basis, to make sure anyone who wants to can take part. We limit capacity for all our workshops, so that everyone in each workshop has the chance to interact with the person leading it. This means that, to make our workshop programme sustainable, we can only offer refunds up to seven days prior to the event.

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