A black circle with white text reading "Nomination - Offies Idea Production - Immersive Theatre"★★★★ "A thought-provoking game that explores the myth of meritocracy in Britain...with strokes of undeniable joy" Broadway World

Nominated for an Offie Award for IDEA: Immersive


Welcome to The Learning Lottery, the fast-past, high stakes game show putting adults in the black lace-up shoes of UK secondary students to ask one simple question - how well would you do in school?

Playing as a team, you'll guide three young characters through their time at school. Can you can help them overcome the challenges of a system stacked against them and guide them to the future of their dreams?

Upstart Theatre's critically-accaimed interactive theatre show uses humour and play to expose the hidden - and not-so-hidden - bias and discrimination in our schools.


Created by Katurah Morrish and Upstart Theatre.

Performed by Katurah Morrish and Tom Mansfield.

Produced by Hannah Tookey.

Sound by Clive Meldrum.


Read the Research

The Learning Lottery is based on years of research by our writer, Katurah Morrish. You can download a handy booklet summarising the research, and find links to more detailed sources, by reading Kat's Learning Lottery Sourcebook.

Photos by Ali Wright.