The Learning Lottery comes to London

We’re thrilled to be returning to Vault Festival this year with THE LEARNING LOTTERY by theatremaker and researcher Katurah Morrish.

A game show like no other, it puts you in the shoes of teenagers and gives you an apparently simple challenge: do well in school. How hard can it be?
We’ve been making this show with Katurah since waaaay back in 2021. We’ve played it online as part of DARE Festival; and we’ve made an epic 13-character version of it with students at Birmingham University’s Department of Drama and Theatre Arts. For this live, professional premiere, we’re making YOU the stars of the show. We’ll be dividing the audience into teams, with each team controlling the destiny of one of three young people. You’ll be steering them through the challenges they face in the runup to the biggest exams of their life. How hard can it be?
Playful, compassionate, thought-provoking and fun, The Learning Lottery is part game-show, part searing-indictment-of-what-our-education-system-has-become. Find out more.

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