New Playable Theatre Workshops

We’re delighted to be sharing our new programme of Playable Theatre Workshops! We’ll be running online workshops every month between now and the end of 2021, all of which are aimed at theatremakers who want to explore how you can use game design techniques to power-up your relationship with audiences.

  • How to Make Playable Theatre is an essential introduction to core concepts for making playable shows, led by our Artistic Director Tom Mansfield.
  • TheĀ Playable Theatre HackspaceĀ is a chance to explore those principles in practice. You’ll team up with other theatremakers to rapidly create and test a new playable theatre show in less than two hours.
  • Twine for Theatremakers, led by our Twine guru Chloe Mashiter, is a practical workshop introducing you to the popular text-adventure software Twine. Chloe’s workshop is a fast-paced and fun way into this essential tool for maker’s of playable theatre – and you don’t need any previous experience of coding to make a great Twine game.

All our workshops take place online, and you choose how much to pay! You can find out more about all our Playable Theatre Workshops, and sign up, here.

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