20 September - 01 October 2021

The International Playable Theatre Lab is a two-week digital residency offering artists in North Macedonia and Mexico the opportunity to explore the potential of interactive and playable theatre. We will bring together three theatre makers in North Macedonia and three in Mexico for a two-week online programme of exchange, training, mentoring and peer support, facilitated by playable theatre company Upstart Theatre. Each day of the residency, artists will take part in a half-day online workshop exploring a different approach to making theatre playable in the digital space, delivered by mentor artists who are expert in this approach.

Alongside these workshops, participating artists will be given several hours each day to work on a project of their own. Each artist will apply with a very early idea for a project in mind, which they will work on throughout the residency. In each workshop, the artists will be explore ways in which they might use that tool or approach to develop their project. At the end of the fortnight, the participating artists will share a scratch version of their project with their fellow participants and the mentor artists.

Applications for the International Playable Theatre Lab opened on 1st June 2021 and closed at 12:00 BST (GMT +1) on 30th June 2021.

We held two events in June where you could find out more about the International Playable Theatre Lab:

7 June 2021: A webinar introducing potential participants to the IPTL, what we'll be doing, and how to apply. 4pm-5pm BST (GMT+1). Watch the recording.

21 June 2021: A taster workshop, led by Upstart Theatre's artistic director Tom Mansfield, exploring some of the ideas we'll be looking at during the two-week course. 4pm-5pm BST (GMT+1). Watch the recording.



Our selected participants in the International Playable Theatre Lab will work with leading Playable Theatre artists and makers including:


This is a recording of the Live Introduction webinar we ran on 7th June 2021. The IPTL team introduced the project and answered questions from those attending.

This is a recording of the Taster Workshop run by Tom Mansfield of Upstart Theatre on 21 June 2021.



The International Playable Theatre Lab is supported by the British Council Digital Collaboration Fund, which supports UK and overseas cultural partnerships to develop digitally innovative ways of collaborating.