Ivica Dimitrijevic

Who are you, what do you do/what kind of work do you make?

I’m Ivica Dimitrijevic actor, musician , director, producer. Working as an actor in Macedonian National Theater. Since 2017 together with my copartner Martin Ivanov we established independent movie and theater production MI  Film. In my work as a director and producer  I have aimed to initiate changes in the already established theater and movie making practice. I’m also passionate about playing guitar and I  played  in different bands true years. At the moment I actively play with my bands Rib and SIZ. Besides acting as my main profession I work in different fields of art, co-founding a nonprofit cultural organization, working in the international projects, I’m part of the independent music and theater scene, doing social activism  and working in a Trade Union of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.

What piece of work have you made that you’re most proud of? 

It’s really hard to say that there is one piece especially because I work in different fields of art.  Here is several works that im proud of :




Music: all 3 albums from Rib and 4 albums from SIZ  plus playing with T.B Traceri

Rib- https://ribofficial.bandcamp.com/

Siz you can find here: https://greenhillrecords.bandcamp.com/music

TB Traceri- https://kranrecords.bandcamp.com/album/-

Performances:  https://vimeo.com/35489864



What idea will you be developing during the IPTL?

I have several ideas that I will try to developed true IPTL workshop. I can shortly described one of the ideas.  Working name of the idea is: Find a character make a play(game).  So audience will have some time to ask the actors( characters) who they are , what they do etc . After that when they will established the characters they will have opportunity to made a play using previous prepared instruction manual with basic steps and structures of a 3 act play(game) where they(audience) will also have a chance to intervene how they will use the steps and how they will work with the characters together.

What excites you about Playable Theatre?

Opportunity to learn something new and to exchange ideas and thoughts about theatre and theatre making.

What are you most looking forward to learning about/discovering during the IPTL?

I’m looking forward to see how different ideas will developed in something that can be really serious and fun in same time.  Also to learn more about Playable Theatre and this theatre practice.