How Red Planet: Revolution works

Director Tom Mansfield explains what happens when you come to a performance of Red Planet: Revolution

I like to describe Red Planet: Revolution as a “theatre game”, because it brings together some of the things I love about theatre with some of the things I love about games. The biggest difference between Red Planet: Revolution and most other theatre shows is that you, the audience, are the main characters. There are two actors in the show. Their job is to be storytellers and referees, to guide you through the experience, and to make sure that you feel confident and have fun.

The show is set on Mars, two hundred years in the future. At the start of the show, you’re welcomed by Dylan’s character, Moss, who gives you a Top Secret Revolutionary ID Card. This tells you a little bit about your character in the game: whether you’re from Mars or Earth, and why you joined the Martian revolution. Some people like to role-play these characters all the way through. Other people completely forget what’s on their cards. It’s up to you to decide what would be most fun.

Your ID Card will also tell you which city on Mars you belong to. You’ll join a group of between 2 and 7 players who are all part of that city, and you’ll stay in that group throughout the evening.

Once everyone has sat down, the game begins. The actors will welcome you and explain that you have been chosen to lead Mars to its brighter future. After this, you’ll be asked to make your first decision. One of the actors will explain the situation, and there is also a TV or projector screen showing useful information.

You’ll do this by talking together in your city group, then one of your group will be asked to speak into a microphone about what you’ve decided. Next, the actors will ask everyone in the room to vote on a final decision by raising their hands.

Each decision that you make together changes the story, and you’ll make lots of decisions as the show goes on. There’ll be lots of talking to your fellow city members and lots of listening to the actors as they tell you what’s happened because of your choices. The show lasts for about an hour and 15 minutes.


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