Teodora Ezhovska

Who are you, what do you do/what kind of work do you make?

My name is Teodora Ezhovska, 24 years old. Contemporary dancer and performer, graduated at the Faculty of Music art, department contemporary dance pedagogy. I work as  freelance on projects, work that is connected with dance and theatre, I’m interested in using the body as a instrument in best way that I can express myself also with the voice. I am teacher at the Beatrix Cultural Centar where I share my knowledge with my students for three years now.

What piece of work have you made that you’re most proud of?

It’s hard for me to choose the piece that I am most proud of, because different piece represents a different period of my life, and different part of me as a person. And I am proud of them all, because through them am evolving as a performer. If I can say I am mostly proud of the growth through this years, and finding my own ways of saying what I want to represent in my art.

What idea will you be developing during the IPTL?

Lately I am interested in the concept of breaking the fourth way, and interaction with the audience. I always believe in this concept of co-creation, and for me the audience is the co-creator that gives life to the art. And how can I as a performer,  come close to they way of living, to bring the performance close to them, with they own personal story.

What excites you about Playable Theatre?

I am new to this world of theatre, so am very excited to see that this experience will bring to me, and what new way of seeing and understand will open up. Looking forward to it.

What are you most looking forward to learning about/discovering during the IPTL?

Looking forward, to go deeper with the questions of how to structure, and bring dramatically to the peace, and the flow of the actions from the beginning to the end. And the part of Improv. moment of surprise,

And not knowing what to expect.