The Chorus

Workshop Six

Monday 3 August 2020, 6.30-8pm
Task 6: One Minute Manifesto

We’re nearing the end of our project! During Workshop 7 (Monday 17th October) we talked about what we want our listeners to take away from the podcast. What are the messages we want the audience to take away with them having listened to everything they’ve heard in the programme? In this task, inspired by theatre maker Lucy Ellinson’s One Minute Manifesto, we’d like you to speak directly to the audience, and give them your message.

What you’ll need:

  • Your recording device
  • Somewhere fairly quiet so there’s not too much background noise while you’re recording
  • As usual, you might want to read through all these instructions before you start.

Before you start Take a few minutes to think about everything that we’ve said in the project so far. The conversations that we’ve had as a group, the photos that we’ve looked at, the experiences of your own that you’ve shared with others, and what you’ve heard from other members of the group.

Preparing your message

Take some time to think about what you, personally, want the listener to take away from this stage of The Chorus Project. What message do you want to give them, for them to take forward? It can be as specific or as general as you like, and about any topic. It’s completely up to you. Jot down two or three sentences as a prompt for yourself. Recording and sending the task You’re going to record up to one minute of yourself, telling the audience your message. Use the prompts you’ve written in the section above, but don’t script it. Start recording and keep your eye on the time. Stop when you get to sixty seconds. If you’re happy with it, send it to me! If you’re not, have another go until you’re satisfied.

Top tips

  • Have fun with this! Remember you can record it in any style you like - just be you.
  • Be honest and remember your power!
  • This is your opportunity to speak the truth as you see it - anything and everything you say is right.


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