A picture of a board game, with trees, animals and water.

Grow the most beautiful and biodiverse forest in our game of sustainable reforestation, created with Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

You have been put in charge of bringing a forest back to beautiful, biodiverse life. By planting trees, introducing animals, and recruiting people to help, you’ll be able to fight climate change and biodiversity loss, and make a better world for everyone. Can you work together as a team to make a woodland wonderland?

To make the game, we're working with the team at Wakehurst as well as scientists from RBG Kew's work around the world. Find out more about Wakehurst.

High Scores

There'll be a high score table here really soon - in the meantime, hit the button below to add your own high score and tell us what you think of Reforest!