Episode 3 - How to Stage a Missing Play

With Christian Winkler (AKA Franz von Strolchen)

In Episode 3 of the theatre and democracy podcast, theatre directors Tom Mansfield (UK) and Christian Winkler (Austria), AKA Franz von Strolchen, talk about how taking part in democracy can be part of our cultural identity, reviving the Oresteia’s Satyr Play as an act of reconstructing a non-existent memory, and their shared love of the Choose Your Own Adventure books.

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Beneath the City

After the death of her mother, a young woman flees from her home. She arrives in a new city, asking for sanctuary. But before it's granted, furious bureaucrats demand their own justice. As she is put on trial for a crime she denies, the community wrestles with its commitment to the people and to power.

Upstart Theatre's thrilling contribution to The Chorus Project, created in collaboration with a Citizen Chorus of young people, elders and asylum seekers, plays at Birmingham REP 16-18 January 2020.