Athlete. Hero. Cheat.

Simon Jones and Upstart Theatre present


Created by Simon Jones and James Blakey
Performed by Simon Jones
Directed by Tom Mansfield
Supported by ARC
ARC Stockton 24 January 2019VAULT Festival 13-17 February 2019

"I made a decision
To forget about the boy growing inside her
To fly with the gods
Like Marco Pantani in the mountains.
This is my church."

As a child, he watched his father watching Marco win the Tour de France. Now, on the threshold of becoming a father himself, he will rise and fall in his hero’s footsteps.

Marco is an original piece of theatre with dance which follows the pilgrimage of a super-fan as he tells the epic story of his childhood hero, the cycling champion and drug cheat, Marco Pantani. An obsessively physical solo show about being the best.


VAULT Festival

MARCO plays at Vault Festival, London, 13-17 February 2018 at 6pm