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Oh Well Never Mind Bye

“Essential viewing for anyone who cares about the future of our newspapers”


A play by Steven Lally

Directed by Tom Mansfield

Featuring Matthew Duggan, Susanna Fiore, Charlotte Flintham and Benjamin Peters

Design by Giulia Scrimieri

Lighting and Sound Design by Phil Hewitt

“They should know that people are forcing us to take sides. That our paper is susceptible to whichever pressure group shouts the loudest, to the point where it changes facts and stops us doing our jobs.”

21 July 2005. James Fisher’s news team are struggling to report the day’s events in time to meet their evening deadline. When police marksmen shoot a man dead at Stockwell underground station the next morning, the team are caught between the need to report the truth and a combination of political pressure, professional rivalry, and personal resentment.

Steven Lally’s compelling and biting play explores the conflict between integrity and success in the modern media, against the background of the events of July 2005.

Upstart presented the world premiere of Oh Well Never Mind Bye at the Union Theatre in 2009.

✭✭✭✭ “Essential viewing for anyone who cares about the future of our newspapers” Andrew Haydon, Time Out

✭✭✭ “Guaranteed to make journalists twitch uncomfortably in their seats” Michael Billington, The Guardian