Lighting Designer / Projection Support

Fit to Burst and Upstart Theatre seek a lighting designer for their show Last Night I Met You Dreaming at Ovalhouse.

Last Night I Met You Dreaming is a visual show that combines text, movement, music, animation and projection mapping. We are therefore looking for someone with experience of working with projection mapping who will set-up and test our projection sequences with the director and design lighting that is sympathetic to the projection mapping.

A knowledge of QLab and Resolume or similar mapping software is essential.


The Lighting Designer/Projection Support will be responsible for;

  • Designing the lighting for the show in collaboration with the director
  • Attending the projection testing week and contributing to the research and development of ideas for projection and lighting
  • Rigging the lights
  • Rigging and derigging the projector and projection screen as necessary
  • Problem solving and making adjustments to projection sequences in Resolume in response to workshopping in testing week with director
  • Mapping projections onto set for projection sequences with director (sequences will be set-up in Resolume but will need refining in the get-in with the real objects)
  • Mark-up of set positions for projections with director
  • Plotting the lights using QLab

Key Dates

The Lighting Designer will be required for the following dates

  • 7 – 12 May: Projection Testing Week
  • 3rd or 4th June: Rehearsals in venue
  • 11 – 13 June: Get-in, tech and dress dates
  • 14 – 16 June: Performances


Rehearsals will be at Ovalhouse and Shoreditch Town Hall 21 May – 8 June. The Lighting Designer is not required at rehearsals but may be asked to attend production meetings in May and June.




Please send an email outlining your experience and any examples of previous work to

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